New in Shoptezuma - Molli's Mexican Cooking Sauces

Our newest addition to are these salsas with the authentic flavor from Mexico - Molli.

Founded by a couple from Mexico, Molli is an up and coming brand of Mexican cooking sauces that are made with a unique blend of all-natural ingredients and that are true to regional recipes. Mölli sauces are the foundation to many traditional regional recipes and are a real time saver when trying to make a delicious Mexican meal in less than 30 minutes.

Molli introduced two great cooking sauces, inspired by local flavors, made with a unique blend of ingredients from the specific variety of chile pepper to just the right herbs & spices:


 Mexico City - made with Arbol chile peppers to enhance flavor and heat.
 Morelos - milder sauce, accented with smoky Chipotle chile peppers.


We love these new additions to our portfolio of salsas and highly recommend you try some of their inspired recipes, sure to bring the true interior Mexican flavors to your kitchen.



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