Mexican Hot Sauces - Bringing on the Heat

When I was a kid, back in Mexico City, one of my dearest memories is that of my father taking us to the bowling alley (Bol Tlalpan, for those familiar with el D.F.) - and not because I was a good bowler, nah.   It was because of all the snacks you could have while the grown ups played.   In particular, I remember these potato chips they would serve with lots of limes and hot salsa to pour on at your discretion.

In my mind, I've always associated bowling with potato chips and salsa Bufalo... my memory might be nebulous, and last time I talked to my dad about this he insisted it was salsa Valentina.   Whatever the case, this was something that made a very good family time great.  The flavors and aromas from those times are stuck in my mind.   And the amount of salsa I consumed back then, plus all the chilitos, spicy candy and snacks (more on these soon) prepared my stomach to take on anything (as they say, "quede curtido").

These days, hot sauces are something you will find in most, if not all, Mexican houses.  Whether they're to share with friends, to spice up some mariscos or simply for every day use, they have become a staple of traditional Mexican food.

I am happy to share with you that you can now find a fine selection of hot sauces in   As we continue to grow our catalog of products, this was long overdue. 

I hope you enjoy them.

Horacio O.

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