Dia del Niño with El Chavo del Ocho

April 30th is a very special day in Mexico, as we celebrate the little people who fill our lives with joy - kids!  And it's also an opportunity that many of us, the old ones, take to search within for the kid inside ("el niño que llevamos dentro").   Across schools and houses in all of Mexico, kids are celebrated in their day... big or small, boy or girl, it's the day to be happy and playful.

As we get ready to celebrate Dia del Niño, there is one childlike figure (more like icon) whose innocence and ingenuity has survived the test of time, a character that started many years ago on TV and continued to entertain kids young and old for decades - El Chavo.   Roberto Gomez Bolaños "Chespirito" created this character in the early 1970's and since then has been a staple of Mexican entertainment, surviving to this day in the animated series of the same name, including all the famous characters like Quico, La Popis, Ñoño and Don Ramón.

At Shoptezuma we want to celebrate this joyful occasion and pay tribute to this lovable character by offering you a collection of toys from the TV series that are sure to bring back some memories.  Be sure to check out El Chavo Parlanchin, a personal favorite as it plays back some of El Chavo's famous phrases.   Also a favorite, El Chavo's Hat... you'll wish you had one of this when you were a kid.


We hope you enjoy this April 30th, play with your kids or nephews if you have any, go out and run and jump on your own if you don't.  The point is that you find and connect with the kid inside. 


Horacio O.

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