Mexico and the World Cup

I've had the opportunity to attend games in two World Cups, the first in 1986 in Mexico (including the final between Argentina and Germany), and the second in the 1994 USA tournament.  As a soccer fan, this is an event that I look forward to happen; it's a long 4-years wait, but when it finally gets here, it has never disappointed (with the possible exception of Italy '90).  There is just no other event like it.

As a Mexico fan, I've been with El Tri in the good times (the 1993 Copa America, the 1999 Confederations Cup), and the bad times (well, let's not go into that level of detail).   There are so many moments stuck in the memory of all us fans - Manuel Negrete's goal in 1986, Hugo Sanchez's substitution that never came, the penalties... those $%&@ penalties.  After that infamous game against Bulgaria in 1994, you could not even talk to me for a week, without me bringing it up and getting mad all over again.

This is a sport that brings the passion of most Mexicans out, at the club level for sure, but more so at the National team level.   El Tri is one thing everyone in Mexico will have an opinion, whether they like soccer or not, everyone will follow the team during the World Cup, and everyone will be a coach for that month or so.  

This year, the World Cup will be played in Brazil, and one thing is for sure, if Mexico advances past Round of 8 or even Round of 4, there will be many people celebrating in the streets of Mexico.  Personally, I don't have my hopes in getting to a semifinal or final round in this championship, but... can you imagine??

In any case, it is with this passion and joy (and hope) that I am now looking forward to Brazil 2014.  And while I am at it, I am happy to present to you the "El Tri" collection at  A complete selection of items that celebrate Mexico's participation in this year's World Cup, including original Adidas jerseys, shirts, scarfs, as well as the Panini World Cup album and stickers, so you can keep track of all games, teams and players.   To celebrate even further, we are giving away a free Panini album with the purchase of any Mexico team jersey (while supplies last).


Come take a look, if you're a soccer or Mexico team fan, you will sure find something for you.

I'll just close by saying... Vamos Muchachos!

Horacio O.

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