16 de Septiembre - The Day to Celebrate Mexico

Earlier this week we started our first site-wide promotion to celebrate Mexico's independence day - 16 de Septiembre.  September, the Mes Patrio, as it's known in Mexico, is a very special month for anyone who loves Mexico.   Streets in Mexico are filled with country flags, green white and red are painted across walls everywhere, and every centro, zocalo or plazuela are adorned with lights and papel picado, all in the colors of Mexico's flag.

Different than other countries in the world, Mexico's independence is not celebrated on the day it gained its independence, but they day it started the fight for freedom.  September 16th is the day when Miguel Hidalgo initiated the revolt against the Spanish authorities... interestingly enough, the famous "Grito de Dolores" (the official ceremony that initiates the independence festivities) is traditionally performed on the night of September 15th, a change established by Porfirio Diaz, who governed Mexico for decades, to coincide with his birthday.   This is just another example of what makes Mexico's culture so rich and interesting, a mix of history, traditions and contradictions.

Mexican independence is now celebrated by Mexicans around the world by getting together with family and friends, enjoying delicious Mexican food and honoring the country and heroes that gave us so many things to be proud of.  And we at Shoptezuma want to celebrate with you - take a look at some of the amazing artesanias available in our store, get ready to accompany your favorite food with some of our hot salsas or, if you're in charge of cooking, try some of the new cooking sauces that will give a true Mexican flavor to your dishes. Oh, and don't forget the tequila (sorry, we can't help you with that).

Have a great mes patrio... Y que Viva Mexico!

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