Collaborating to Help Indigenous Communities in Mexico April 21 2019, 0 Comments

We are really excited to announce that Shoptezuma is joining forces with the Fundacion Kanxoc in Mexico to bring you the amazing artisanal products from the Mayan community called Kanxoc, located in Yucatan, Mexico.

In our search for great products from Mexico, we strive to find those that represent the best of Mexican culture, with top-notch quality and that can help local producers, artisans and communities develop their talents and capabilities to reach more people. This is just a sample of how Shoptezuma can accomplish all these, by collaborating with an up-and-coming foundation that is helping people in far out places, to bring development into their communities.

Based on the values of honesty, collaboration, trust, equality, respect and identity, the Kanxoc Foundation promotes the collective work of craftsmen and women of Kanxoc with self-sustaining projects that strengthen Mayan traditions and techniques used for design and fabrication of handcrafts. Kanxoc supports the collective work of craftsmen and women of the Mayan community called Kanxoc located in the state of Yucatan, Mexico and their self-sustaining projects strengthen Mayan traditions and techniques used for the design and fabrication of our products.

The products that Kanxoc has developed range from fashionable clothing and accessories, to gorgeous technology accessories and household items. Check them out:


You can see the full collection here.

As we continue our collaboration with Kanxoc, we encourage you to give us your feedback about what you like and what you’d like to see more. Feel free to email us at support (at) shoptezuma (dot) com and give us your feedback.

Thank you!