Meet the Artesano - Ana Maria Gonzalez May 21 2017, 0 Comments

The latest artesano in our series is Ana Maria Gonzalez, a skilled craft worker from Mexico who specializes in wood work, providing beautiful work particularly in decoupage crafts. Read more about her:

Ana Maria Gonzalez

"My designs reveal a tiny bit of Mexico that I carry in my heart."

"Hi. I'm Ana Maria González, and for as long as I can remember I've been in contact with arts and crafts. My whole family produced them in one way or another and whenever we'd visit our relatives, my cousins and I would end up making something for fun.

"After I married, my husband and I created various kinds of handicrafts, but the need to make something different led me to launch my own line of designs. I began making decorative boxes, painted by hand with different finishes. Today I create boxes with antique motifs.

"First we craft the box of pinewood. We sand it and then decorate it. Currently, I am working in decoupage, adding an antique finish with a special formula I mix myself.

"My designs reveal a tiny bit of Mexico that I carry in my heart."

Here is some of Ana Maria's work, available in Shoptezuma:

Guadalupe Queen of Heaven      Decoupage box

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