Nuestro Granito de Arena (Our Small Contribution) - UPDATED

Nuestro Granito de Arena (Our Small Contribution) - UPDATED

Here at Shoptezuma, we are deeply saddened by the news and impact of the big earthquakes that hit Mexico in the past month, including the recent most devastating one that hit on the anniversary of that fateful day of September 19th, 1985. At 32 years, we rediscovered the horrors of that day. On a personal note, I was only a small boy in middle school, but remember so many details so vividly. Fortunately then as now, me and my family were lucky enough that we didn't suffer any personal loss, so I can only imagine what so many families are going through today.

I've given a lot of thought on whether to make a statement on this, I don't want us to be perceived as trying to take advantage of this difficult situation. But I also feel the need to express solidarity with the people in my country, and to help in any way we can, channeling also help from others if possible. If only a portion of our customers could join and help, we could make a difference for a family struggling right now.

This is why we are launching a small effort to raise donations via our store, by offering all proceeds coming from the sale of the new #FuerzaMexico t-shirt collection to go out for relief efforts in Mexico.

In an effort for transparency, I am detailing how this will happen: For every t-shirt sold, we will donate $6 $8 to one (or all) of the following organizations/funds:

Why $6 $8 if you are paying $20*? Shoptezuma will not profit from this effort in any way. Here is how the money is used:

  • $17 $15.30 go to cover the cost of the t-shirt via Merchify (after our vendor has graciously accepted to reduce the cost to help this cause)
  • $3 $4.70 of your paid money will go to donation
  • I will personally match the $3 $3.30 from every purchased t-shirt, up to $1,000.
  • Any shipping cost you pay goes exactly to that, nothing else. If there were any differences, we will make sure to add to the donation pool.

If you don't want to buy a t-shirt or don't like this effort, we won't take offense. I still want to encourage you to contribute in some way. I have added the links to the organizations above so you can go directly and make your contribution. This is no time for hesitation, Mexico and Mexicans need our help.

Every week from now and through the end of October I will personally make the donation and post a receipt in here. That way it is clear that the money is going to the appropriate place. After that, depending on any continued sales, I will keep the donations going or retire the t-shirts entirely from the store.

Please add your granito de arena and help those in need.

Thank you,

Horacio O.

* Facebook charges $1 more per transaction.


Update - 1st Week

Our first donation went out today to Globe Aware, who have been helping small villages in Mexico, Tepoztlan and Morelos. To keep things transparent, here is our donation receipt:

Globe Aware

Update - 2nd Week

We continue with our weekly donations to help with disaster relief. This week we combine efforts and donate to both Unicef and GlobeAware, to help with their efforts helping children and small rural communities in Mexico after the earthquake. 


Update - 3rd Week

Our 3rd week donation went out to Fondo Unido Mexico:


Update - 4th Week

This fourth week, we have made a couple of donations to help with earthquake relief - To Oxfarm and to GlobeAware, who continues to help us promote this effort, but more importantly, continue to help rural communities deal with the aftermath.



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Thank you for doing this effort. Mexico necesita nuestra ayuda!

Jorge R.

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